January 16, 2006

EnCana to pay $249K in penalties for failure to report low chlorine levels

FORT MCMURRAY, ALTA-EnCana Corporation has been levied a $249,402 penalty after pleading guilty to failing to notify Alberta Environment immediately about chlorine level deficiencies occurring at the company's Christina Lake facility. On 38 separate days between February 5 and April 22, 2003, chlorine levels in the holding tank at the Christina Lake facility fell below the minimum level required to ensure that drinking water is safe. The holding tank supplies only the facility and there were no reports of any individual experiencing adverse effects due to the chlorine deficiencies. In addition to a $10,000 fine, the penalty includes creative sentencing provisions directing EnCana to provide $200,000 to a community-based environmental technician training program at Keyano College. The company will also provide $39,402 to develop entry-level video training material for water and wastewater technicians; this project will be completed in co-operation with the Alberta Water and Wastewater Operator Association. Creative sentencing orders have been an option in Alberta since 1993, under the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.

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