January 16, 2006

BC welcomes decision by Sumas Energy 2 not to appeal Federal Court ruling

VICTORIA, BC-The British Columbia government has welcomed a decision by Sumas Energy 2 (SE2) not to appeal a decision by the Federal Court of Canada which unanimously upheld the National Energy Board's denial of SE2's application to build an international power line running through Abbotsford, BC. The BC government has spent nearly $1.5 million fighting the proposal since 2001, ultimately winning its case in November when the Federal Court rejected SE2's argument that the NEB had overstepped its jurisdiction in considering the environmental impacts that a U.S. power plant would have in Canada (ELW November 21, 2005). In March 2004, the NEB ruled that the project would yield few, if any, benefits in Canada while virtually all of its negative impacts would be imposed on Canadians (ELW March 15, 2004).

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