January 16, 2006

New members named to Manitoba Clean Environment Commission

Conservation Minister Stan Struthers has appointed six new members to the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission. They include: Margaret Allen, Gisele Funk, John Harvie, Patricia MacKay, Edwin Yee and Frank Young. Two other Commission members, Lissa Donner and Myrle Traverse, are leaving, having completed their terms.

Margaret Allen is manager of the Thompson Chamber of Commerce and a former broadcast journalist and radio producer. She has a degree in political science from the University of Winnipeg.

Gisele Funk, of Boggy Creek, is a Job Finding Club facilitator and life skills coach. Active in the M├ętis community, she serves as chairperson and member on several local and provincial boards and committees.

John Harvie, a partner with Myers Weinberg, a Winnipeg law firm, is legal counsel to First Nations and to Anishinaabe Child and Family Services and an ad hoc agent of the Attorney General of Canada.

Dr Patricia MacKay, a senior scholar in the University of Manitoba's Department of Entomology, specializes in entomology, pesticide toxicology and ecology. Among her activities she has served as a member of the pesticide subcommittee of the Soil Science Lead Committee to MASCC and of the University of Manitoba's Environmental Science Advisory Committee.

Edwin Yee, an environmental consultant, brings 30 years experience in regulatory management of toxic chemicals, hazardous waste and contaminated sites to his new post. Formerly a senior official in Manitoba's Environment Department (now Conservation), he has participated in the development of national and international guidelines and standards for soil quality and petroleum hydrocarbons and provided guidance to the Abandoned Mines Advisory Committee.

Frank Young works as a commercial fisherman and has served as chief of the Bloodvein First Nation for four years and a band counsellor for many years. He has also worked for Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Conservation and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada and is representing the band as an active participant in the East Side Planning Initiative.

The Clean Environment Commission has also updated and redesigned its Web site, www.cecmanitoba.ca, complete with a new logo. The redesigned site will give users more complete information on public environmental hearings and on how to participate in them. It will also provide an easy way to register or keep informed of Commission activities.

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