January 16, 2006

Conporec signs deal for site of possible waste processing plant

Conporec has signed a purchase option with the city of Murdochville, Quebec for part of the lands and premises formerly owned by Noranda and now the property of Murdochville. The option moves Conporec another step toward the construction and operation of a solid waste reclamation plant for the municipalities of the Gaspé peninsula. The assets include three buildings in which the company will house waste collection rooms, bioreactors, sorting equipment and compost maturation operations.

Although local and regional authorities have not yet made final decisions concerning the realization of the project, Conporec says it is important to secure the required properties well in advance. Company president and CEO Jean Beaudoin noted that as a result of recent meeting with local mayors, "several municipalities have showed interest in this project. We are gradually moving towards the realization of this important project reconciling economy and environment," he said.

The planned $15-million project involves the construction and operation of a solid waste reclamation facility to serve the municipalities of the Gaspé Peninsula, based on a public-private partnership model. This arrangement will enable the participating municipalities to help the province reach its solid waste reduction targets while sharing in the plant's operating profits and so reducing overall solid waste management costs.

Conporec's existing plant in Sorel-Tracy has enabled Quebec's Richelieu region achieve a waste reclamation rate of 75% and the company believes a similar facility in Murdochville would help the GaspÈ peninsula reach the same level of performance.

Conporec treats and reclaims solid waste through various patented composting and sorting-composting processes. The combination of processes treat 100% of the organic content, allowing diversion of up to 75% of the waste and reducing both landfill requirements and greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to its Sorel-Tracy plant, the company recently opened its second facility in New York State and is currently building a third plant in France, in suburban Paris. More information is available from Jean Beaudoin at Conporec, 450/449-9949, Web site www.conporec.com.

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