January 16, 2006

Survey confirms high climate change awareness as Manitoba releases green strategy paper

A survey done for the Manitoba government indicates an extremely high level of awareness of, and concern about, climate change among the province's residents. The findings, released by Energy, Science and Technology Minister Dave Chomiak, showed that a full 84% of Manitobans said they were concerned about climate change (40% somewhat concerned, 29% definitely concerned and 15% extremely concerned).

The results provided a reinforcing backdrop to Chomiak's release of a new government strategy paper. Green and Growing: Building a Green and Prosperous Future for Manitoba Families, outlines the Manitoba government's green strategic framework over the past six years and into the future.

"This strategic framework demonstrates this province's commitment to Manitobans' priorities to ensure a green, growing and prosperous future for today's Manitobans and for future generations," said Chomiak.

Green and Growing will be a living document that will be added to and further developed as the government proceeds with further initiatives to build a green, growing and healthy province, he added. At this stage, however the document clearly outlines the strategic direction the province intends to pursue to deliver a sustainable future.

Copies of Green and Growing may be requested by calling 1-866-626-4862 or may be viewed on-line at www.manitoba.ca/greenandgrowing.

The climate change survey, conducted last October by kisquared research of Winnipeg, also found that:

*71% of respondents were familiar with the Kyoto Protocol;

*64% of respondents said they are already seeing the effects of climate change in their community;

*64% of those who reported already seeing climate change effects said they noticed more extreme weather occurring: 35% said warmer weather, 28% said changing precipitation patterns and 27% said they noticed more natural disasters.

*A significant majority (77%) said they would pay for higher-priced items like a hybrid car or energy-efficient furnace to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

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