January 30, 2006

IRAP grant will help Enpar modify system for byproduct recovery

GUELPH, ONT-A $99,500 grant from Industry Canada's Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) will help Guelph-based Enpar Technologies modify the design of its AmmEL electrochemical reactor to recover sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas, byproducts of the reaction process. Over the next year, the company and IRAP will invest a total of $250,000 in this project. The AmmEL system removes toxic ammonia from municipal wastewater, converting the ammonia into environmentally friendly nitrogen gas. Successfully recovering the byproduct sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas would help reduce the overall operating cost of the AmmEL system, as the recovered sodium hydroxide could be used to reduce chemical consumption in the ammonia removal stage, while the hydrogen gas could be used to generate electricity. More information is available from Enpar president and CEO Dr Gene Shelp, 519/836-6155, FAX 519/836-5683, E-mail info@enpar-tech.com, Web site www.enpar-tech.com.

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