January 30, 2006

EBR Registry (January 30, 2006)


MOE amends transfer site C of A

The Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) is accepting written comments on a proposed decision to reinstate, with substantial amendments, the certificate of approval (C o f A) for a waste transfer site formerly owned and operated by Rail Cycle/310 Waste in the city of Vaughan, just north of Toronto. The original C of A was suspended in October 2004 after a fire broke out at the site. An investigation revealed that waste material being stored at the site far exceeded the permitted limit. Rail Cycle was issued two orders requiring removal of the excess waste; the company failed to comply with either one. After a second fire broke out at the site, the MOE stepped in and had a portion of the excess waste removed.

In early 2005, Waste Excellence Corporation (WEC) assumed responsibility for the site and completed the cleanup, removing another 35,000 tonnes of waste in addition to the 12,000 tonnes already removed by the MOE's contractors. In seeking to have the C of A reinstated, WEC made a series of commitments which together constitute the amendments to the draft permit.

The amendments provide for: an enhanced inspection and reporting plan; an increase in the financial assurance for the site to $400,000 ($135,000 as a base amount plus a $265,000 premium), to be reduced in stages provided the site remains in compliance with the C of A; a 500-tonne-per-day limit on waste coming into the site, with a limit of 1,500 tonnes of waste at the site at any given time (including incoming, residual and processed waste); improved signs; updated plans for operations and management, contingencies, emergency response and closure; a training plan; and establishment of a public liaison committee.

Written comments are due by February 15, 2006 (registry reference No IA05E0090).

Permit sought for asbestos transfer site

Tornado Insulation has applied for approval to operate an asbestos transfer site at its location in London, Ont. The 0.5-hectare site would store a maximum of five tonnes of asbestos waste, which would be contained in an 18-yard covered steel bin. The waste would be removed by an approved hauler for disposal at a permitted site.

Comments are due by February 12, 2006 (registry reference No IA06E0068).

Recool to establish recyclables facility

Recool Canada, in Thunder Bay, Ont is seeking approval for a recyclable material processing facility to be established on a 3.33-hectare site near Thunder Bay. The facility would accept up to 20 tonnes per day of material, with a maximum storage capacity of 35,136 tonnes.

Comments are due by February 15, 2006 (registry reference No IA06E0076).

Orders would require tailings remediation

The Ministry of Northern Development and Mines is accepting written comments on tailings remediation measures contained in closure plans filed by Porcupine Joint Venture (PJV, a joint venture of Placer Dome and Kinross Gold) in compliance with a director's order under the Mining Act. The plans address tailings generated by two of PJV's Timmins, Ont operations and propose measures to physically and chemically stabilize tailings deposited at the Hollinger (Gillies Lake) location between 1908 and 1968 and at the McIntyre location between 1912 and 1989. Stabilization of the tailings would involve a combination of dry caps and placement of reactive tailings into water. The plans also provide for pre-remediation site inventories, geotechnical reviews and biological, surface and groundwater reviews, as well as post-remediation revegetation, monitoring and maintenance of the tailings impoundment area and water sampling and site monitoring.

Comments are due by February 16, 2006 (registry reference Nos IS06E1002 and IS06E1003).


Cleanup orders issued as Exceptions

The Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) has issued General Chemical Canada orders for remedial work, preventive measures and for waste removal and site restoration at its site in Amherstburg, in southwestern Ontario. The initial order required the company, its officers and affiliates to take the necessary steps to deal with wastes on the property, to investigate surface water, ground water and soils, to investigate the stability of berms for the site (known as the soda ash settling basin), to take measures to close the site and determine any adverse effects, and to recommend site cleanup measures. A follow-up amendment to the order also requires General Chemical to submit to the MOE director documents pursuant to the first order's requirements, in care of the Ministry's Sarnia district manager.

The MOE issued the orders as Exception notices, having determined that the site required immediate action and the delay associated with a public comment period could result in harm to the environment or to public health and safety. The company abandoned the site in November 2005 and has not given the MOE a commitment to ensure the long-term environmental security of the site or to carry out site closure activities. (registry reference Nos IA06E0077 and IA06E0078).

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