January 16, 2006

New facility begins treating biomedical waste in Nova Scotia

HALIFAX, NS- Medical Waste Management has begun treating Nova Scotia's biomedical waste at a new waste management facility in Dartmouth, having received all environmental and regulatory approvals necessary to operate the facility under a five-year contract. "All of the conditions that were specified in the request for proposal have been met," said Barry Lampier, manager of infrastructure management at the Department of Health. "The company has been able to meet the conditions set out in their original proposal. In fact," he noted, "the company was able to start its service a week ahead of what was required." The company uses a steam sterilization method to treating the province's 2,300 tonnes of biomedical waste. Used syringes and other contaminated products are turned into inactive waste suitable for landfill. The residue is being disposed of at the East Hants landfill until a new site in West Hants opens later this year. The remaining 110 tonnes of other waste, such as anatomical tissue and chemotherapy waste, is being processed at a facility in Ontario.

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