January 9, 2006

Qwatro receives Ecologo certification for eight more products

TORONTO, ONT-Qwatro, a Toronto manufacturer of environmentally friendly sanitation and industrial maintenance products, has received Ecologo(tm) certification for eight more of its products, bringing the total number of its products certified under Canada's Environmental Choice program to 19. The products include a biological odour eliminator and deep cleaner (available scented and unscented); a biological floor cleaner; a biological parts cleaner; a graffiti remover and paint stripper; a liquid and powdered biological holding tank treatment product for boats and recreational vehicles; a biological treatment products for septic tanks; and a toilet bowl cleaner. Bob Wagner, Qwatro president and chief chemist, noted that "with the products we just certified, we now cover the most categories in the Environmental Choice program. We have realized a significant increase in demand for these products in all industry sectors and most customers realize that a product is not necessarily "green" or "environmentally friendly" unless it has been certified by a third party, like Environmental Choice or Green Seal," he added. More information is available from Janet Wells at Qwatro, 416/675-2388, E-mail jwells@qwatro.com, Web site www.qwatro.com.

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