January 2, 2006

Electronics stewardship group creates new membership categories

OTTAWA, ONT-Garry Travers, manager of environmental affairs for IBM Canada and recently-elected chair of Electronics Product Stewardship Canada (EPSC), recently welcomed Northern Micro, of Ottawa, as the organization's first associate member. EPSC, the Canadian electronics industry's voice for environmental stewardship, has created two new levels of membership to offer more options to potential new members from Canada's consumer electronics (CE) and information technology (IT) sectors. The not-for-profit organization now offers three levels of membership: board, associate and participant. Board level members include manufacturers, brand owners, or first importers of products expected to come under regulation in the product categories of information technology and consumer electronics. Their representatives attend quarterly board meetings, and determine policy and direction. Associate members participate in committee work, and have access to EPSC information and advocacy services. Participant members receive EPSC electronic services, and voting privileges at the corporation's annual general meeting. EPSC was founded in 2003 by Electro-Federation Canada, (EFC) the Information Technology Association of Canada, (ITAC) and leading consumer electronics and information technology manufacturers. Its current members include: Apple Canada, Canon Canada, Dell Canada, Epson Canada, Hewlett-Packard (Canada), Hitachi Canada, IBM Canada, Lenovo Canada, Lexmark Canada, LG Electronics Canada, Microsoft Canada, Northern Micro, Panasonic Canada, Samsung Electronics Canada, Sharp Electronics of Canada, Sony of Canada, Thomson Multimedia and Toshiba of Canada. More information is available from Jay Illingworth at EPSC, 613/238-4822, ext 225, E-mail jay@epsc.ca, Web site www.epsc.ca.

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