November 28, 2005

BC expands energy plan to emphasize conservation, alternative sources

VICTORIA, BC-The British Columbia government is broadening its energy vision with an expanded plan that will place a greater emphasis on conservation, alternative energy sources, efficiency and innovation, provincial Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Minister Richard Neufeld said recently. "What we need to do is be efficient in our energy use and look at sustainable solutions, including alternative energy," he said. New policy and regulatory frameworks will be developed, with anticipated outcomes including new energy efficiency measures, a strategy to continue improving BC's oil and gas industry, and a strategy to reduce transportation emissions. The plan will build on energy efficiency goals announced earlier this fall, which establishes clear targets for more energy-efficient buildings and will yield financial savings for energy users. Goals for businesses and institutions include: achieving an energy performance level 25% better than the Model National Energy Code for Buildings for new industrial, commercial, institutional (IC&I) and multi-unit residential buildings by 2010; reducing the energy consumption in 20% of existing IC&I buildings by an average of 14% by 2010; and reducing the energy consumption in 16% of existing multi-unit residential buildings by an average of 9% by 2010.

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