December 12, 2005

Electric vehicle association honours BC Environment Minister

VANCOUVER, BC-At the closing session of its annual conference in Vancouver, the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA) presented its E-Visionary Award to BC Environment Minister Barry Penner to recognize British Columbia's leadership in alternative energy technology and its contribution to green transportation. The E-Visionary Award is presented each year to recipients who have placed high expectations on electric drive technology in terms of investment and performance, and demonstrated long-term concern for the health of their cities and inhabitants by choosing electric drive as a means to achieve better air quality and increased fuel economy for their fleets. Within the next three years, the province will double its government fleet of hybrid vehicles with the addition of up to 356 gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles. "B.C. has charted a course to become a leader in the use of alternative energy in transportation and an example for other communities to follow," said Brian Wynne, president of the Electric Drive Transportation Association, who presented the award on behalf of WEVA. In accepting the award, Penner said, "When you look at our $2,000 PST rebate on hybrid vehicles, the two-year PST exemption for energy-efficient furnaces, hot water heaters and heat pumps as just two examples, BC really has taken a leading-edge approach in this important area."

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