December 12, 2005

Partnerships support U.S. efforts

A number of U.S. government departments have launched initiatives to promote GHG reduction, clean energy and energy efficiency, as well as creative and productive partnerships with private-sector interests.

David Garmin of the U.S. Department of Energy said the U.S. National Laboratories (a branch of DOE) is working with private interests, conducting research and development on hydrogen-fuelled vehicles and zero-emissions coal-fired power plants producing both electricity and hydrogen.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Bill Wehrum cited a number of programs such as Energy Star, Climate Leaders and Methane to Markets, all of which involve private-sector participation.

Industry representatives on the panel also outlined public-private partnerships. Jeffery Sterbo of PNM Resources noted that the U.S. Electric Industries Power Partnerships expect to surpass their 7% reduction target, while IBM's Wayne Balta said all his company's products currently meet Energy Star criteria. IBM is involved in partnerships with the Pew Foundation and the EPA's Climate Leaders program, as well as the Chicago Climate Exchange and the World Resources Institute's Green Market development program.

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