December 5, 2005

Clean fuel ferries conference delegates

MONTREAL, QUE-Twelve Canadian-built ethanol flexible fuel Chevrolet Impalas, fueled with Iogen's cellulose ethanol, are being used to shuttle delegates at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 11/MOP 1) which began November 28 and runs to December 9th. The flex-fuel Chevrolet Impala is capable of running on fuels blended with up to 85% ethanol. "With this fuel," said GM president Michael Grimaldi, "the Chevrolet Impala has a net CO2 footprint that is less than any vehicle sold by any automaker in North America." The joint effort, involving the federal government, General Motors and Iogen, provides all three partners a prime opportunity to showcase recent innovations in advanced vehicle technology, alternative fuel technology and Canada's commitment to its plan for meeting its Kyoto Protocol obligations. Iogen, an Ottawa biotechnology firm specializing in cellulose-based ethanol, is providing 4,000 litres of its fuel to be used in the vehicles during the conference. Cellulose ethanol is made from agricultural residues such as cereal straws and corn stover. "By using straw to make this low CO2 fuel, we are reducing gasoline consumption and GHG emissions without altering our mobility or ability to travel," said Jeff Passmore, the company's executive vice-president. More information is available on Iogen's Web site,

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