December 12, 2005

ISO 14064 nearly ready for release

An important concern for industry and regulators alike is a standardized means of GHG accounting and verification to support the credibility, comparability and environmental integrity of existing and emerging GHG management schemes.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has addressed this concern through the development of ISO 14064, international standards for GHG quantification, reporting and verification, which it expects to release in mid-March 2006.

In a panel presentation, Jonathan Pershing of the World Resources Institute (WRI) noted that a GHG protocol developed by the WRI, in partnership with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), served as the precursor to the new ISO standard.

The three-part ISO 14064 is being developed as a practical tool to enable government and business to measure and manage GHG emissions and reduction activities. The draft standard is already being incorporated in governmental GHG mechanisms in Australia and Canada. Judith Hull of Environment Canada pointed out that Canada's GHG domestic offset system is based on ISO standards.

Matt Spannagle of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) said the standards on quantification and reporting at the organizational level aim to provide a template for market use, ensuring clarity and consistency between users and their stakeholders and enhancing the credibility, consistency and transparency of GHG quantification, monitoring and reporting. As a result, use of the ISO standard should support the development of GHG reduction programs and emissions trading markets.

Part 1 of ISO 14064 will provide specifications for the quantification, monitoring and reporting of organization emissions and removals. It will be of use to organizations participating in voluntary GHG registries or regulatory allowance-based schemes, as well as to administrators designing such programs or schemes.

Part 2, specification for the quantification, monitoring and reporting of project emissions and removals will be of interest to project proponents involved in voluntary programs or regulatory credit-based schemes, as well as to designers of such programs or schemes.

Part 3, specification and guidance for validation, verification and certification is intended to be applied to any GHG scheme and will be useful to validation/verification agencies and personnel, and to GHG scheme administrators.

ISO 14064 will be followed in early 2007 by ISO 14065, a standard that will provide requirements to accredit or recognize bodies that undertake GHG validation or verification using ISO 14064 or other relevant standards or specifications.

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