December 12, 2005

California institutes GHG reporting

California's Alan Lloyd was also among the panelists at a side event on the state's voluntary GHG reporting initiative. He reported that California is the 12th highest GHG emitter by jurisdiction in the world, a fact largely attributable to its rapid population increase over the past two decades, along with a commensurate growth in automobile use. The California Climate Action Plan Registry was established to reduce the state's GHG emissions, and Lloyd said the plan will be based on increased renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation standards.

James Boyd of the California Energy Commission said reaching the new GHG emission reduction targets also implies a reduced reliance on fossil fuels and increased use of alternative fuels, including biofuel and bioenergy. He noted that a 2005 energy policy report recommended that energy imported into the state be produced as "cleanly" as that generated within the state. This policy is likely to be controversial, said Dian Grueneich of the California Public Utilities Commission.

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