December 12, 2005

COP 11/MOP 1: United Nations Climate Change Conference

Side sessions present new options for managing GHG emissions

The two-week United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 11/MOP1) featured more than 140 side events-mini-seminars and panel sessions revolving around three main themes: the Kyoto mechanisms for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (i.e. the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Joint Implementation (JI) and emissions trading); adaptation to climate change; and the future of the climate regime. The adoption of the Marrakesh accords during the first week of the conference lent an added sense of practicability to the discussions.

Mitigation was an important theme as well, with many practical measures presented such as carbon sequestration, energy efficiency across sectors and renewable energy, as well as some innovative concepts, including action targets.

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