November 21, 2005

Azure Dynamics supplies all-electric CitiVans for use as postal trucks in Queen's district of NYC

TORONTO, ONT-Azure Dynamics has sold two new zero-emission, all-electric Azure CitiVans to the New York Power Authority (NYPA) and delivered them to the United States Postal Service (USPS) fleet serving the Flushing Post Office in Queens, New York. The two-ton CitiVans are designed to replace the diesel-powered delivery trucks the USPS uses to transport mail and bulk packages between central distribution facilities and neighborhood post boxes throughout Flushing. These vehicles are the first of their kind to be used in Queens and will help address air quality concerns in the district. Fully charged, the CitiVan has a range of 40 miles, with a top speed of 60 miles per hour. To improve overall energy efficiency each vehicle has regenerative braking to capture lost energy while braking. Over the course of a year each truck will eliminate about 4,833 pounds of carbon dioxide, 32 pounds of nitrogen oxide and one pound of particulate matter. Funding from NYPA has already enabled 30 other Azure electric delivery trucks to be put in service at other postal facilities in New York City. Including the new CitiVans, NYPA has now helped place 17 electric or hybrid-electric vehicles in service in Queens. Two hundred electric-drive vehicles are in service in New York City, with more than 770 vehicles in use across New York State as part of NYPA's clean transportation program. Azure Dynamics is involved in developing hybrid electric and electric powertrains for commercial and military vehicles. More information is available from Steven Glaser at Azure, 416/367-0220, ext 105, E-mail

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