November 28, 2005

Rothsay commissions Canada's first commercial-scale biodiesel facility

MONTREAL, QUE-Rothsay, a division of Maple Leaf Foods, has completed commissioning of Canada's first commercial-scale biodiesel plant. The new facility, in Ville Ste Catherine on Montreal's south shore, has a production capacity of 35 million litres per year of biodiesel annually. This is equivalent to taking 16,000 light trucks or 22,000 cars off the road (eliminating 122,000 megatonnes of greenhouse gases). Rothsay uses a process pioneered and developed at its Montreal plant to produce biodiesel, converting animal fats and recycled cooking oils into an environmentally sustainable alternative fuel that reduces harmful greenhouse gases and can be used without modification in all existing diesel engines. Rothsay is already a leading independent rendering company, providing a vital recycling service to the food processing industry. The new plant marks the company's debut as a major presence in the Canadian biodiesel industry.

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