October 31, 2005

Norwegian ship fined $70K for discharging pollutant into Canadian waters

ST JOHN'S, NFLD-The Motor Vessel (MV) Nordic Fighter, a Norwegian-registered tanker, was ordered to pay a $70,000 penalty for illegally discharging a pollutant in Canadian waters. In June 2004, a routine Transport Canada marine pollution surveillance flight detected three slicks in the wake of the MV Front Fighter (now known as the Nordic Fighter). The pollution incident was detected approximately 85 miles southwest of Cape St Mary's, Newfoundland. The vessel was en route from Yorktown, Virginia to Whiffen Head, Newfoundland and Labrador at the time. Upon its arrival at Whiffen Head, Transport Canada inspectors boarded the vessel and conducted an investigation into the incident. They determined that the oil (a quantity estimated at 64 litres) originated from the MV Front Fighter. Transport Canada subsequently charged the vessel with illegally discharging a pollutant, in violation of the pollution prevention regulations under the Canada Shipping Act. The vessel pleaded guilty and was fined $70,000. At the time of the pollution incident, the vessel was named Front Fighter and was owned by Frontline, of Oslo, Norway. The vessel has since then been sold to new owners and re-named Nordic Fighter.

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