October 31, 2005

H2O Innovation signs water treatment deals with Hydro-Québec

QUEBEC CITY, QUE-H2O Innovation (2000) has signed two contracts with Hydro-Quebec valued at a total of $330,000 in revenues for the company. The first contract is for process water treatment at the Carillon generating station, the second for sanitary wastewater treatment at the Manic-5-PA generating station. "This is the second Bio-Fosse installation that Hydro-Quebec has approved for the treatment of sanitary wastewater for a generating station," noted Martine Lanoue, manager of H2O's biological process division. In both cases, the treatment unit has had to be installed inside the generating station building because there was not enough space outside. The compact size of the Bio-Fosse(tm) responds well to this constraint. At the Carillon generating station project, H2O's expertise in drinking water and process water treatment will be put to use in treating the lubrication and cooling water for the sealed turbine joints. A sand filtration system will pre-treat the 650 cubic metres (m3) of water per day required by 14 alternator turbine groups, including a daily reserve of 100 m3 for the replacement of the drainage pumps.

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