October 31, 2005

Safety-Kleen leads winners of RCO 2005 Waste Minimization Awards

Safety-Kleen Canada, Hewlett Packard, the University Health Network and the Toronto Board of Trade were among the top winners of the Recycling Council of Ontario's 2005 Waste Minimization Awards. The RCO presented the awards at an October 20 ceremony in Stratford.

The platinum award in the Sustainable Technology category went to Safety-Kleen Canada for its used oil re-refining operation in Breslau, near Kitchener-Waterloo. Dale MacIntyre, the company's vice-president of refining, said the real credit, however, goes to the garages and automotive facilities that choose to have Safety-Kleen collect and re-refine their used oil rather than allowing it to be burned as a waste-derived fuel.

The Breslau facility, together with its sister operation in east Chicago, Illinois, re-refine a total of 500 million litres of used motor and industrial oils per year. In addition to reducing Canada's dependence on non-renewable crude oil resources, the 152 million litres of used oil re-refined at the Breslau plant in 2004 reduced Ontario's greenhouse gas emissions by 500,000 tonnes.

Emissions of harmful substances were prevented as well, including 1,200 tonnes of particulate matter, 1,700 tonnes of sulfur dioxide, 3,300 kilograms (kg) of chromium, 1,100 kg of arsenic and 218 kg of cadmium. Re-refining used oil captures these substances and locks them into asphalt extender, a process byproduct, thus preventing their release into the environment.

Procter & Gamble received the gold award in this category. One of the multinational company's latest innovations in support of sustainability has been the introduction of its Tide Coldwater detergent in North America (concurrent with its French counterpart, Ariel Cold Active). The product is designed to clean laundry as effectively in cold water as in warm, thus helping reduce energy use. It is estimated that lowering wash temperatures can help a North American household save up to 20% of the energy it uses to heat water.

Bronze award winners in the Sustainable Technology included Hudson's Bay Company and Dow Chemical Canada.

Hewlett Packard received the RCO's platinum Business Award, with the gold award in this cateogory going to the Fairmont Royal York Hotel (Toronto). Silver award winners included: Ford Motor Company; Greentec International; Dana Manufacturing; and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Bronze award winners were: Omron Dualtec Automotive; Hudson's Bay Company; Warren's Imaging; Metroland Printing & Publishing; Toyota Canada; and Janssen-Ortho.

Achievements in Facility Management were recognized as well, with Toronto's University Health Network and SNC Lavalin ProFac sharing the platinum award. Gold, silver and bronze award winners were Markville Shopping Centre (Cadillac Fairview), Homewood Health Care and Broadview Apartments, respectively.

The Toronto Board Of Trade received the platinum award in the Promotion category for its "Can the Litter" campaign. Gold award winners included the city of Barrie, for its "One Less Plastic Bag" campaign and York Region's solid waste management department, for its yard waste promotion. Barrie's Environmental Services department also received the Waste Reduction Week Participation Award.

Finally, the Media award was presented to Guy Crittenden, editor of Solid Waste & Recycling magazine.

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