November 14, 2005

Error corrected in Molson's air emissions report to NPRI

MONTREAL, QUE-Molson has corrected a clerical error which led to its being ranked ninth on PollutionWatch's Quebec ranking of polluters. The study, conducted jointly by Environmental Defence and the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) and released last month (ELW October 17, 2005), indicated that in 2003, Molson released 23,973 tonnes (or 23,973,085 kg). In fact, the company's total emissions were only 44.67 tonnes. An Environment Canada representative acknowledged that "we are now aware that the data submitted by Molson to the National Pollutant Release Inventory unwittingly contained a reporting error. The data on Environment Canada's Web site has recently been updated, including corrections to the Molson data that show the company's releases to be far lower than earlier stated." Molson's brewery operations adhere to rigorous protocols and numerous measures to control atmospheric emissions. These include an automated energy management system, designed to meet the company's energy needs on an on-demand basis. Moreover, the brewery is self-sufficient in terms of carbon dioxide supply, reclaiming CO2 generated by fermenting wort for re-use in the brewing process. As a result, Molson's air emissions have decreased consistently since 1990.

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