November 14, 2005

Staples to continue toner cartridge recycling program to support Canadian schools

TORONTO, ONT-Staples Business Depot will be donating $225,000 to elementary and high schools that participated in the company's "Recycle for Education" program over the last 12 months. This amount reflects the total number of eligible toner cartridges collected for recycling through the program, which donates $1.00 per unit to participating schools. "This program has been so successful that we are proud to repeat it for the 2005/06 school year," said company president Steve Matyas. Recent statistics indicate that a single school can use 300 inkjet cartridges a year, at a rate of at between six and ten cartridges per student during the same period. "Inkjet printers can be found in nearly every home in Canada," Matyas noted. "Most cartridges - an estimated 375,000,000 - are thrown in the garbage and then dumped in landfill sites where it can take centuries before the plastic containers decompose, so recycling will make a huge impact on the environment." All elementary and secondary schools in Canada are eligible for the program, whether or not there is a Staples Business Depot in their community; schools need only register on-line at before June 1, 2006. The company expects to raise $250,000 for participating schools this year; the funds raised will be distributed in September 2006.

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