November 7, 2005

St John's firm awarded $90K contract for airport site remediation

ST JOHN'S, NFLD-Eastern Demolition and Recyclers of St John's, NL has been awarded a $90,050 Transport Canadas contract to complete the first phase of a project to remediate the fire training area at the St. John's International Airport. The first phase of the project includes the removal of the infrastructure associated with the fire training area, including the mock-up tanks, which form the simulated fuselage of an aircraft, and the excavation of fuel lines leading to that area. Disposal of all contaminated materials will be done according to provincial environmental regulations. The work will also include soil sampling of the fire training area to help determine the extent of any contamination of the surface and subsurface soil. The data collected from the sampling will be used in conjunction with previous site investigations in the development of an environmental remediation plan to address soil contamination of the fire training area. Implementation of the remediation plan will constitute Phase II of the project. The fire training area was used from the early 1980s to 2004 by airport firefighters as part of their regular training program for responding to aircraft fires. Aviation fuel was pumped into an aircraft mock-up and ignited to train firefighters to respond to aircraft fires. Over the years, this resulted in contamination of the soil around the fire training area. Transport Canada is decommissioning the site, which is no longer being used for training purposes, and will remediate the fire training area in order to remove any potential risk to the environment.

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