October 24, 2005

Conestoga-Rovers to act as independent monitor for Sydney Tar Ponds project

HALIFAX, NS-The federal and Nova Scotia governments have appointed an independent consulting engineering company to monitor the Sydney Tar Ponds project. Conestoga-Rovers and Associates (CRA), an Ontario-based firm with offices in Sydney and Halifax, will act as independent engineer for the ten-year, $12-million cleanup project. The company will monitor the design and engineering for the project, compliance with schedules and the technical aspects of work performed on site. CRA will also track expenditures by the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency to help both levels of government keep the cleanup within budget. A memorandum of agreement between Nova Scotia and Canada, signed in May 2004, called for the appointment of an independent engineer whose role would be to confirm effective and transparent management of the project from a technical and financial perspective. "By hiring a company outside of the cleanup process to keep track of the financial and technical aspects of the Tar Ponds project, we are ensuring the integrity of the entire project," said Nova Scotia Transportation and Public Works Minister Ron Russell.

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