October 24, 2005

Company convicted of exceeding on-site storage limit for waste

RICHMOND HILL, ONT-310 Waste Limited, 2020700 Ontario Inc and operator Edmond Hanna, have pleaded guilty to charges under the Environmental Protection Act (EP Act). A series of ongoing inspections by Ontario Ministry of Environment staff during 2003 found that the company was storing between 11,000 and 18,000 tonnes of waste on-site, far exceeding the maximum 1,500 tonnes permitted under the site's certificate of approval (C of A). The MOE issued 310 Waste and 2020700 Ontario a provincial officer's order requiring removal of the waste and directing the company to come into compliance with the C of A. These conditions were not met and 310 Waste and Edmond Hanna were charged with failing to comply with a C of A condition by storing or processing waste on-site in excess of 1,500 tonnes, contrary to section 186(3) of the EP Act. Having failed to remove the waste, 310 Waste was also charged, along with 2020700 Ontario, with failing to comply with a provincial officer's order, contrary to Section 186(2) of the Act. A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for January 9, 2006 in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

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