November 7, 2005

FASC, Prince George sign MOU for use of KDS Micronex system to treat sewage sludge

VANCOUVER, BC-First American Scientific Corp. (FASC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the city of Prince George for the use of the company's KDS Micronex system to deal with the community's environmental cleanup problems relating to sewage sludge. "This will be the first operation of its kind in the world, where the strictly regulated Class B municipal sludge can now be cleaned, bagged and profitably sold to the public as a soil amendment," said David Dungate, vice-president of marketing for FASC. The initial runs will be monitored for three months. If the results are satisfactory, the city plans to establish a permanent facility incorporating up to four micronizers. Dayton & Knight, the city's consulting engineers, reported that "the series of tests undertaken this summer 2005 at FASC's Vancouver demonstration site confirmed the ability of the KDS Micronex to consistently convert Class "B" biosolids to Class "A" biosolids and achieved an effective pathogen destruction rate of 99.9 % in all test samples." FASC says the test indicates the potential for its KDS Micronex system to become the preferred technology for handling Class B sludge by converting municipal waste into a valuable resource. There are approximately 15,000 municipal wastewater treatment plants in North America alone, processing almost 34 billion gallons of domestic sewage and other wastewater each day. In Asia and Europe the markets are even larger, notes the company. More information is available on the FASC Web site,

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