October 3, 2005

Toronto Hydro, Home Depot launch "Bright Ideas" program

TORONTO, ONT-A "Bright Ideas" campaign, recently launched by Toronto Hydro in partnership with The Home Depot, is offering every household in Toronto two free compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs to try out in their homes. While its prime goal is to educate Toronto residents on ways they can reduce their electricity consumption and save money, the program also aims to foster a culture of conservation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 5,800 tonnes. The partners say that if every Toronto household swapped two regular lightbulbs for two free CFLs, the overall electricity consumption saved would be roughly equivalent to the power required for the cities of Orillia and Stratford combined on an average day. Residents will be asked to show a piece of photo ID with proof of their home address in order to claim the two free Philips Marathon 15-Watt mini twister CFL light bulbs. "Our goal is to make CFL technology the norm in Toronto households," said Toronto Hydro president and CEO David O'Brien. "CFL bulbs will save you on average up to $27 over the life of the bulb. If individual Torontonians replaced just 25% of their regular lightbulbs in high traffic areas with CFLs, they would reduce their lighting electricity costs by about 50%." The program, which runs to October 30, 2005, is being offered at all 12 Home Depot stores in Toronto on alternating weeks.

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