October 17, 2005

"Be Green" program lets industry clients offset part of power load with renewable energy

Direct Energy Business Services is offering its industrial and commercial customers in Alberta and Ontario new renewable electricity plans, through its "Be Green" program. Under Be Green, industrial and commercial customers can elect to offset a percentage of their electricity load with renewable energy from an EcoLogo(r)-certified generation facility. This will help ensure that increased amounts of environmentally-friendly green power are moved onto the grid.

Bob Huggard, president of Canadian operations for Direct Energy Marketing, believes renewable energy is becoming increasingly important to Canadian commercial operations looking to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. As evidence, he cited a recent Conference Board of Canada poll revealing that 77% of Canadians are more likely to invest in, and 81% to purchase from, a company they view as socially responsible.

"We're seeing a growing appetite among Canadian businesses for renewable energy options," said Huggard, whose Business Services group marries supply- and demand-side management strategies to help customers better manage their energy costs. "A number of market factors are also making renewable energy more significant to businesses, including continued upward pressure on non-renewable energy costs, a decrease in renewable energy prices, and increasingly, a focus on corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship."

Be Green allows the flexibility for Direct Energy Business Services customers to offset 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, or 100% of their electricity load that is supplied to the Ontario or Alberta grid with renewable energy. Doing so also leads to a reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions: for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of wind-generated electricity sold, approximately 100 tonnes of CO2 are offset.

More information is available from Lisa Dornan, Direct Energy Marketing (in Alberta), 403/290-6788, E-mail Lisa.Dornan@directenergy.com, or Aishling Cullen, Direct Energy Marketing (in Ontario), 416/590-3306, E-mail Aishling.Cullen@directenergy.com.

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