October 3, 2005

Fuel cell system certified to CSA green energy standard

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) International has approved Fuel Cell Technologies' combined heat and power five-kilowatt solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems. The 5 kW SOFC system has been certified to the ANSI / CSA America FC1-2004 standard, which allows the system to be installed in residences in the U.S. without the need for special permits.

"This is an important step towards the acceptance of fuel cell systems for residential applications", said Gord Deuchars, FCT's engineer in charge of standards and certification. "It will also make it easier to certify our system in Europe and other parts of the world."

FCT has been designing and building custom fuel cell power systems for the past decade. This year the company began commercial production of its 5 kW SOFC systems, which are now being delivered to customers around the world. Designed to operate on a variety of readily available fuels, the company's SOFC systems offer an efficient, low-emission method for generating on-site electricity and heat. They are particularly suited to remote, commercial, industrial and residential applications.

The ANSI/CSA America FC1-2004 standard for Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems, published early in 2004, is the first standard of its type in the world, addressing the construction, operation and performance of fuel cell systems. The CSA is working on the development of standards for this and other green energy technologies as part of its climate change program, announced last fall (ELW October 11, 2004).

In other activities, FCT has just signed a contract to provide a a 5kW SOFC fuel cell system to BP Shipping, which will use the system on board one of its liquid natural gas (LNG) tankers to demonstrate the use of SOFCs to power auxiliary shipboard applications. The SOFC system will be fueled by the LNG "boil-off" to generate electricity more efficiently than the traditional steam boilers currently employed on board the tanker.

The contract follows from a technology development Memorandum of Understanding signed by FCT and Siemens in November 2004. "Siemens' network extends FCT's reach, and we look forward to further developing this relationship to achieve more sales in Europe as our product becomes readily available," FCT president and CEO John Stannard explained. Since June of this year FCT has signed contracts totaling $1.2 million for systems to be delivered by year-end.

More information is available from Vikram Varma at FCT, 613/541-6109, FAX 613/544-2649, E-mail Vvarma@fct.ca.

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