October 10, 2005

Hydro-Québec launches Efficient Products program for IC&I clients

A new Efficient Products program launched by Hydro-Québec at the end of September will provide the utility's industrial, commercial and institutional (IC&I) clients a rebate on the purchase of selected energy-efficient products. The initiative, aimed at improving the energy performance of IC&I operations, will target small motors and lighting.

The program will provide a rebate on the purchase of NWMA Premium super-energy-efficient three-phase motors, from one to 75 horsepower. These electric motors have been developed to meet more stringent energy efficiency criteria than conventional units whose annual energy consumption, notes Hydro-QuÈbec, can be equal to two or three times their original purchase cost. Under the program's lighting component, a similar rebate will be provided on the purchase of selected energy-efficient lighting units to replace existing lighting fixtures in IC&I facilities.

The Efficient Products program is part of Hydro-Québec's comprehensive energy efficiency effort, which already includes support for industrial systems, optimization of building energy use and optimization of lights and markings. This effort is intended to help achieve the new goal established by Hydro-Québec Distribution in its Corporate Energy Efficiency Plan for 2006, recently submitted to the Quebec Energy Board as part of the company's budget request.

The 2006 plan has raised the utility's energy savings objective from three to 4.1 terawatt-hours (TWh) by 2010. The new target, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of a city the size of Laval, is more than double the target recommended by the Board in 2004. Achieving this goal will enable Hydro-Québec Distribution to reduce its purchases of new, more costly energy supplies.

"In the past year, Quebecers have responded well to our efficiency programs - so much so that the energy savings they achieved exceeded our overall forecast by about 30%," said Hydro-Québec Distribution president AndrÈ Boulanger. By the end of June 2005, residential customers, taking advantage of various incentive programs, had replaced more than 900,000 bi-metallic thermostats with electronic units. This initiative alone surpassed the company's objectives.

Hydro-Québec Distribution's 2006 budget request, totaling $176 million, includes two new programs for large-power customers: the Plant Overhaul Program and the Building Initiatives Program.

The proposed budget is subject to public hearings, which will be held in the coming months.

More information is available on Hydro-Québec's Web site, www.hydroquebec.com/produitsefficaces.

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