September 19, 2005

New Foresight software enhances land development planning for a diverse range of projects

In Situ Simulation (ISS) has just released an updated version of its Foresight 4.0 visualization simulation software, designed to facilitate land development projects over a wide range of sectors, such as transportation, waste management, energy or forestry. The new edition is faster, with a new graphical user interface, an export module (allowing export of images, videos and animations) and an integrated help system.

Foresight's leading features are ease and speed. Using readily available input data, land development consultants can set up an in-house system that allows them to render their two-dimensional plans into a three-dimensional (3D) environment instantly. This eliminates the need to wait for external graphics specialists perform the same task. Foresight's user-friendly interface allows developers to navigate through the virtual landscape in real time, creating immediate 3D views of plan modifications as objects and elements are added or removed.

The software also enhances communication with the public by enabling them to see a plan in 3D and thus better understand the impact of a project. An informed and satisfied public ultimately makes the decision-making process easier, says ISS. In addition, Foresight facilitates co-operation throughout the planning life cycle. This is especially relevant for interdisciplinary teams working on large-scale projects that involve stakeholders ranging from firefighters to politicians.

More information is available from Mohni Singh at ISS, 514/848-0282 ext 101, E-mail, Web site

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