September 19, 2005

SaskWater acquires Elbow regional WTP, plans upgrades to improve effectiveness

REGINA, SASK-SaskWater is investing $843,000 in the purchase and upgrade of the Elbow regional water treatment plant. The agency has purchased the facility for $375,000, with ownership effective September 1. During the first year following the purchase, SaskWater has agree to spend an estimated $468,000 on upgrades to the plant. The improved plant will have the capacity to produce high-quality water that surpasses current and future regulatory standards, while ensuring peak demands on supply are met without jeopardizing the integrity of the water treatment system. Elbow, which is just north of Douglas Provincial Park near the shore of Lake Diefenbaker, is a popular recreation destination with a population that grows exponentially during peak summer months. Selling the water treatment plant to SaskWater will help the town ensure stability of its water supply and quality in view of fluctuating demands, while maintaining the financial freedom to invest in future community development.

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