September 5-12, 2005

Nova Scotia to amend well construction regs

HALIFAX, NS-Additions or modifications to regulations governing potable water haulers, well diggers and pump installers are among the amendments proposed to Nova Scotia's well construction regulations. The regulations set out the requirements and standards for the construction of water supply wells in the province. The draft amendments, released this month for public comment by Environment and Labour Minister Kerry Morash, grew out of discussions between the department and key stakeholders, including industry representatives and regulators. Among the proposed changes are: clearer definitions and text; additions to regulate potable water haulers, including a new certification process and sections referring to requirements and guidelines; changes to the certification process for well diggers and pump installers to include realistic experience requirements; a provision requiring ground source heat pump boreholes to be drilled by licensed drillers for the protection of groundwater resources; and reductions to long-term yield testing requirements for some wells. The proposed regulations may be viewed on-line at; print copies may be requested by calling 1-800-567-7544. The deadline for written comments is Oct. 3.

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