September 5-12, 2005

Ottawa reports progress on implementing national GHG plan

OTTAWA, ONT-The proposed addition of the six greenhouse gases to Schedule 1 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act was published in the September 2, 2005 edition of the Canada Gazette, Part 1. This is an important and necessary step in the development of regulations that will cover large industries that are being required to meet the 45-megatonne reduction target set out in Canada's Climate Change Plan, Moving Forward on Climate Change: A Plan for Honouring our Kyoto Commitment. The plan makes it clear that the federal government's preferred option for implementing the Large Final Emitters system is CEPA. During the summer, the government issued its the proposed Large Final Emitters system and plans to publish a draft regulation setting out the system's key elements before the end of this year. As well, discussions with provinces have begun on possible equivalency agreements, and consultations have also started with the provinces and territories to determine which new technologies (e.g. clean coal technology) and infrastructure projects will qualify for cost sharing through the Partnership Fund. Announcements of the first projects under the Fund are expected before the end of 2005. Additionally, a proposed set of rules for an offset credit system was released in August. Canada will be hosting the next United Nations Climate Change Conference, to be held in Montreal between November 28 and December 9, 2005. As part of the government's preparation, Environment Minister St├Ęphane Dion will be meeting with international environment ministers in Ottawa on September 23 and 24.

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