September 19, 2005

RailPower's hybrid locomotive technology to be adapted for use in marine applications

VANCOUVER, BC-RailPower Technologies, in Vancouver, has signed a supply and licensing agreement with Ocean Tug & Barge Engineering (OTB), of Milford, Massachusetts. Under its terms, RailPower will license its hybrid engine technologies to OTB for marine applications and will supply, through OTB, its hybrid power systems to tug and barge operating companies, tug and towboat builders and shipyards involved in the construction of a wide range of workboats. RailPower will supply hybrid and multi-engine systems in kit form and OTB will seek out clients looking to retrofit or build new vessels who are interested in the economic and environmental benefits of RailPower's hybrid

systems. RailPower's core business is the design and manufacture of its Green Goat(R) Series hybrid locomotives and its new RP20 road and branchline switchers. The locomotives have been shown to substantially reduce fuel usage, emissions and maintenance costs. Its technology is considered highly adaptable to marine applications. OTB president Bob Hill pointed out that "a tug is very much a water-borne switcher with similar work profiles that can greatly benefit from RailPower's hybrid technology. In addition," he continued, "an assortment of workboat types, from river switchboats, to research vessels, to small passenger vessels, can benefit greatly from this type of drive system. The retrofit possibilities can also be attractive to owners, allowing them to both save fuel and meet Tier II and III emissions requirements on existing vessels." More information is available from Nigel Horsley at RailPower, 604/904-0085 ext 215, or OTB president Bob Hill, 508/473-0545.

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