August 29, 2005

Pesticide sprayer fined $7K after illegal application damages trees

RED DEER, ALTA-Greg Lovell, a resident of Red Deer County, was fined a total of $7,000 after being convicted of spraying pesticides without the required licenses on three separate occasions and providing false documents to an Alberta Environment investigator, in violation of the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act. On July 1, 2003, Lovell sprayed the pesticide 2,4-D on a leased property, although his application certificate had expired. Neighbours later discovered that their maple trees had been damaged, and this led to an investigation by Alberta Environment. Lovell provided a false record suggesting that his customer had been responsible for the application. He later admitted that he had lied. At that time, he also revealed that he had been working without insurance and did not have a valid applicator's license or Pesticide Service Registration.

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