August 29, 2005

Water, soil technologies included for first time in SDTC's eighth SOI call

For the first time, Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), is including technologies to address water and soil quality issues in its eighth and latest call for Statements of Interest (SOIs), which opened on August 24, 2005. Previous calls have been solely for technologies related to climate change and clean air. The closing date for submissions is October 5, 2005.

Prospective clean water technologies will focus on optimizing Canada's water infrastructure, updating existing diagnostic tools and methods, and responding to public concern over the safety of drinking water. Soil technologies will aim to prevent, treat or contain the contamination of soil, improve water retention, crop yield and vegetation cover, and to support brownfield redevelopment to enhance land value and use.

In this SOI call, SDTC is encouraging technologies that integrate air, soil and water co-benefits and offer front-end approaches to help prevent environmental damage and achieve greater sustainability across all economic sectors. Technologies that mitigate environmental impacts, such as soil remediation, or that remove pollution and generate value, such as brownfield redevelopment, will also be considered.

"With approximately 20% of the world's fresh water and 30,000 brownfield sites, Canada has a critical role to play in the investment and innovation of clean water and soil technologies," said SDTC president and CEO Vicky Sharpe observed. "Over the past four years, SDTC has made its mark in supporting clean air and climate change projects. This larger role endorses sustainable development as a comprehensive solution that will help ensure the competitiveness of Canadian industry, and the protection of our natural capital - air, land, and water," she added.

By supporting clean technologies in the development and demonstration stages-traditionally the weakest link in Canada's innovation chain-SDTC "de-risks" technologies and helps prepare them for commercialization as well as potential adoption in complementary and later-stage programs.

To date, SDTC has completed six funding rounds, committed $132 million to 61 clean technology projects, and leveraged $347 million from project consortia members. SDTC currently manages $479 million in projects. This represents a 3:1 ratio of industry-partner contribution to SDTC investment.

In seven calls for SOIs since April 2002, SDTC has received more than 898 submissions from more than 2,500 companies and organizations, representing $7.9 billion worth of clean technology project potential. The next call for SOIs will be in mid-January 2006.

More information about SDTC's funding process and criteria is available on the agency's Web site,, E-mail Direct on-line applications may be made at

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