July 25, 2005

Village pleads guilty to non-compliance charge relating to turbidity reporting

FREDERICTON, NB-The village of Rivière-Verte pleaded guilty earlier this month to a violation of the water quality regulation under New Brunswick's Clean Environment Act and was fined $1,200. In February, the Department of the Environment and Local Government charged the village with failing to comply with a term or condition of a certificate of approval (C of A) to operate the community's potable water system. The charge related to an incident in August 2004, when a village employee failed to notify the Department of Health and Wellness immediately after the results of daily routine water quality testing showed the turbidity level in the water to be above permissible limits. Such reporting is required under the terms of the C of A. On the same day, an unscheduled inspection of the system by a Health and Wellness inspector found that the turbidity level was still very high and issued a boil-water order for the village. A remote monitoring system had detected the high turbidity level several hours before the employee became aware of it. An investigation could not determine, however, which employee received the automated phone notification of the high turbidity alarm.

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