August 29, 2005

Review process begins for McCain Foods air quality permit renewal

FREDERICTON, NB-New Brunswick's Department of Environment and Local Government has launched a 180-day review process for the renewal of McCain Foods (Canada)'s air quality operating approval for its frozen food processing plant in the town of Florenceville. The facility's current air quality permit expires February 28, 2006; the comment period runs to December 6, 2005. The main air quality impacts associated with McCain's Florenceville plant include combustion gas emissions from the existing steam plant boilers (i.e. sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOX), particulate matter (PM) and carbon monoxide (CO)); odour emissions from various vents and stacks; and noise. The company's existing permit limits SO2 and PM emissions to a maximum of 1,000 tonnes per year and requires annual source testing of boiler stack emissions, air quality dispersion modeling, and capturing of all methane gas (i.e. biogas) from the liquid effluent treatment plant for incineration in the boiler or flare stack. Also required is the preparation of a yearly air quality performance report for the facility. To date, the company has been in full compliance with its operating approval requirements, with SO2 and PM emissions consistently below the stipulated limit and all other terms and conditions met. More information, including relevant documentation, is available on-line at

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