July 25, 2005

Suntec, Black Gold reach agreement for transport of fresh, recycled water

CALGARY, ALTA-Suntec Pure Water Technologies has entered into a strategic alliance with Black Gold Transfer, a fluid transportation company based in Brooks, Alberta. Under the terms of the partnership, Black Gold will transport virtually all fresh and recycled water from Suntec's water treatment facility in southern Alberta's Wheatland county to its customers, while Suntec will be responsible for transporting wastewater into its facility. Black Gold, which has 45 owned or leased trucks in active service, has also agreed to provide additional trucking services to Suntec's facility as needed. In addition, Black Gold will promote and market Suntec's water supply and recycling services to its customers. Consequently, Suntec intends to expand the capacity of its Wheatland county facility immediately to accommodate the anticipated increase in demand for its water recycling services resulting from this strategic alliance. Suntec further reports that it has developed a new water treatment process for recycling oilfield wastewater which has reduced energy input costs at the Suntec facility by 80 to 90% over the previous technology, with no reduction in the company's ability to provide water that meets oil and gas industry standards. Development of this technology is in direct response to dramatic increases in fuel prices over the past 24 months. More information is available from Suntech president and CEO Gene Moody, 403/294-1101.

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