July 25, 2005

DynaMotive teams with Nova Scotia firm to consider 500 tpd BioOil facility

DynaMotive Energy Systems, based in Vancouver, and a Nova Scotia forestry company, E&R Langille Contracting, are analyzing the feasibility of developing a 500-tonne-per-day (tpd) facility for producing fuel from wood chips and other biomass sources. The plant, to be situated near Pictou, Nova Scotia, would be completed in two stages: an initial 200 tpd (similar to that being developed by DynaMotive and Megacity Recycling in Ontario); and a second module, to be added later.

The two firms have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the development of the project and have completed preliminary technical and financial feasibility studies. E&R Langille-primarily a logging and chipping operation, with a subsidiary forestry product trucking company-has confirmed that it has access to enough biomass to fuel a pyrolysis plant with a processing capacity of 500 tpd. This would produce up to 300,000 barrel of oil equivalents (BOE) per year of the biomass-derived fuel known as BioOil.

DynaMotive reports that design work for its 200 tpd plant, being developed with Megacity Recycling, has been completed. The same design will be used for the initial 200 tpd module at the Nova Scotia facility. Modular design and construction techniques would enable the company to develop the two projects concurrently.

More information is available from DynaMotive Energy Systems, E-mail info@dynamotive.com, Web site www.dynamotive.com.

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