July 11, 2005

Canada, Manitoba invest $10M in Dauphin industrial wastewater treatment plant

DAUPHIN, MAN-The federal and Manitoba governments will contribute a total of $10 million toward the construction of a state-of-the-art industrial wastewater treatment facility in Dauphin. Construction of the plant will, in turn, allow the planned Rancher's Choice cattle processing operation to be situated in Dauphin and will ensure that strict new provincial water quality standards are met. The treatment plant is being funded through the Canada-Manitoba Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund and is cost-shared with the Regional Municipality and the city of Dauphin. The modular design of the facility will allow it to expand in stages to meet growing residential needs, as well as those of new industries setting up operations in the industrial park. It will also be the first water treatment facility in Manitoba to meet new environmental standards set out by the provincial government in the "Lake Winnipeg Initiative," designed to control excess nutrients in commercial and residential wastewater.

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