July 11, 2005

Kenora forestlands earn CSA certification for Weyerhaeuser

KENORA, ONT-Weyerhaeuser recently reported that its Kenora forestlands in northwestern Ontario have been certified to the Canadian Standards Association's Z-809 standard. This, says the company, provides third-party verification that Weyerhaeuser is managing the forest in an environmentally responsible way. Weyerhaeuser earned the CSA certification by developing a detailed sustainable forestry management plan which underwent the detailed third-party audit. This audit must be repeated annually. The company also created a 20-member public advisory group to which it must report. Weyerhaeuser has had a forest licence for this area for only a few years, and the plan "helps show the public that we're good stewards of the resource," said Gary McKibbon, safety and environmental management systems leader for Ontario forestlands. McKibbon noted that there were some special challenges in this particular forest management area. "Kenora is a real popular tourist area," he said. "There were a number of cottage associations and individual cottagers we had to accommodate." In the end, however, he said the group was generally pleased with the plan. (Source: Weyerhaeuser News)

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