June 27, 2005

Canada, Saskatchewan support first pilot-scale biodigester facility

HUMBOLDT, SASK-The Canadian and Saskatchewan governments are providing $186,138 in cost-shared funding to help the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) build the country's first pilot-scale biodigester. The $208,138 facility, at PAMI's research and development centre in Humboldt, will provide design information and will test different waste formulations to determine the optimum feedstock for full-scale biodigester plants in Canada. Biodigesters use waste such as household garbage and products from intensive livestock operations, abattoirs and food processing facilities to create heat, power and fertilizer as an end product. In using these wastes, they also reduce greenhouse gases. It is expected that 25 full-scale digesters will be built in Canada over the next few years and while the core technology is proven-some 3,000 plants are operating in Germany-different waste materials (feedstock) yield different amounts of gas and their end products have different characteristics. The pilot-scale plant will provide essential feedstock output information for designing a full-scle facility. PAMI is contributing $22,000 to the project.

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