July 11, 2005

Brownfields RSC requirement to be in effect this fall

TORONTO, ONT-Ontario is implementing the final piece of its comprehensive brownfields redevelopment program. Beginning October 1, 2005, property owners will be required to file a record of site condition (RSC) before a property's use is changed from an industrial or commercial use to a more sensitive use, such as residential. (The framework and standards for completing a voluntary RSC came into effect on October 1, 2004.) An RSC will also have to be filed prior to construction of a building if it is to be used in connection with a restricted change in property use. An RSC demonstrates that a property meets regulated site assessment and cleanup standards appropriate for the new property use. The Ministry of Environment is also proposing to increase public consultation when risk management measures will be used to protect future users and the environment from contaminants remaining on a site. A draft amendment to classify certificates of property use under the Environmental Bill of Rights has been posted on the EBR registry for a 30-day comment period ending July 22, 2005 (registry reference No RA05E0013).

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