June 6, 2005

Local projects receive $3.5M from EcoAction

In the latest round of funding from Environment Canada's EcoAction program, 114 community-based environmental projects across Canada are receiving a total of $3.5 million. The local projects are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote cleaner air and water, and protect sensitive habitat and species.

EcoAction contributions help locally-based, non profit organizations undertake environmental projects yielding measurable results. These activities also foster increased awareness of the role that Canadians can play in addressing environmental issues.

Half of EcoAction's annual budget goes to projects aimed at cleaner air and water and/or protecting sensitive species and habitat. The other half is reserved for community projects supporting the One-Tonne Challenge, the national initiative encouraging Canadians to reduce their annual greenhouse gas emissions by one tonne.


The next submission deadline for proposals to the EcoAction program is October 1, 2005. More information on EcoAction is available on-line at www.ec.gc.ca/ecoaction/.

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