June 6, 2005

VANCOUVER, June 1 /CNW/ (June 06, 2005)

Adam Sumel, President and CEO of Sonic Environmental Solutions Inc. (SNV-TSX Venture Exchange) today announced that the Company has completed all of the basic safety and functionality commissioning and testing of their full scale, mobile, PCB Sonoprocess(TM) plant for the treatment of contaminated soils at the Juker Holdings site in Delta, British Columbia. This included full load commercial operation of the plant in which soil was treated successfully, reducing a 910 ppm (parts per million) concentration of PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) to less than 0.2 ppm. These results are well under the requirements for delisting PCB contaminated soils. Mr. Sumel commented at the Sonic Annual General Meeting held today in Vancouver, "These results completely justify the cautious approach we have taken to commissioning this first plant and in developing our first application. We are now into the operational and optimization phase with the PCB Sonoprocess(TM) full scale mobile plant. We will continue to assess any maintainability and reliability issues which may arise, as we go." At the meeting, the Company also confirmed that interest in the PCB Sonoprocess is building rapidly with inquiries from across North America. The Company is also working on possible joint ventures in Europe and Japan which they hope will be concluded in the current fiscal year. Chairman David Coe also briefly addressed shareholders and commented that "Our full scale PCB Sonoprocess(TM) plant marks the beginning of a new phase for Sonic where we can begin to explore ways of accelerating our operational growth in the environmental sector. I look forward to playing a pivotal role in this by applying my many years of operational experience." Shareholders also learned that the Company's vision to be the Sonoprocess(TM) leader is starting to gather momentum with plans for other Sonoprocess(TM) applications using their proprietary sonic generator technology. The Company has already explored the re-carbonation of bed ash from fluidized bed combustion power generation systems and will use this as a possible entry into the rapidly growing carbon and climate control sectors. As resources permit, the Company has also identified opportunities for further Sonoprocess(TM) applications in the products-from-waste, environmental and the energy sectors.

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