May 9, 2005

Filter performance criteria updated

The Ontario Ministry of Environment has proposed a revision to its Procedure for Disinfection of Drinking Water in Ontario in order to make the Procedure consistent with the recently revised Canadian Drinking Water Guideline (CDWG) for turbidity.

Ontario implements the turbidity limits as filter performance criteria set out in the Procedure document, in order to ensure effective pathogen removal. Currently, the filter performance criteria for slow sand filtration and diatomaceous earth are the same as for the revised Guideline. The proposed revision to the Procedure would change the filter performance criteria for both chemically-assisted and membrane filtration. Comments are due by June 13, 2005.

Registry reference No PA05E0008.

In a related posting, a revised CDWG is being proposed for arsenic, incorporating a maximum allowable concentration (MAC) of 0.005 mg/L (5 ug/L) in drinking water supplies, based on treatment achievability, as recommended by the federal-provincial-territorial Committee on Drinking Water (CDW). The proposed new MAC is considerably more stringent than the existing guideline of 0.025 mg/L (25 ug/L). Once finalized, the propose revised CDWG for arsenic would be adopted by Ontario as an Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standard. Comments are due by May 17, 2005.

Registry reference No PA04E0021.

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